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If you need to help traditional thinkers to take on some new economic ideas this is a great starting point.


I like it because:

  • It “builds from the known to the unknown”.
  • It frames the ideas of the circular economy in a widely familiar way of thinking – i.e. “competitive advantage”
  • It gives a mainstream “business and research findings” introduction
  • It acts as a bridge between “traditional thinking” and Peer-to-Peer Foundation thinking, where similar “circular economy” approaches are presented within a paradigm of collaboration and the commons.
  • In gives new ideas in crisp simple ways (for the exact wording check the end of the video.):
    • Products as services – e.g. “We ensure you always have good tyres” instead of “We repeatedly¬† sell new tyres to you”
    • “Being a particular product is just one blip in the lifecycle of the elements”

Video notes

Published on Youtube 4 May 2016

“How do we sustain economic growth in a world of finite natural resources and a growing population? With natural resources becoming ever more difficult to obtain and our industrial processes exponentially impacting our environment. Our future economies, by necessity will have to mimic the Earths Natural systems.”