Ref London Futurists, Satalia and (not) Holacracy

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Hi Daniel Ref your presentation at London Futurists, our subsequent texts and your willingness to share ideas, insights and technology. I’m interested in many aspects of your talk, especially some aspects of Artificial Intelligence, but for now I want to focus on Satalia’s organisational structure. Since we texted I’ve visited the Satalia website. I particularly… Read more »

Ref Development and “To Hell with Good Intentions”

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Hi Katie Thanks for sending “To Hell with Good Intentions” by Ivan Illich. NB for anyone other than Katie  – the blurb for this says “An address by Monsignor Ivan Illich to the Conference on InterAmerican Student Projects (CIASP) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 20, 1968. In his usual biting and sometimes sarcastic style, Illich… Read more »

Help with Holacracy in FASST?

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Hi M, It is some months since you expressed an interest in FASST (Freedom Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation) and kindly offered to help with my related explorations in Holacracy.  Back then things were too embryonic for me to be able to define any specific need. Given the passing of time I realise I… Read more »

Croydon, arts and more.

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Hi John Thank you for the Heartworks Schedule with details of the series of 6 evenings in Croydon (Matthews Yard) in 2013 where you mixed up mindfulness with community action, Croydonia and music. I’m glad our paths crossed last week at the Croydon Tech City launch 2017 event. We certainly have overlapping interests ref (as… Read more »