FASST – Organising for Collaborative Development

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FASST has a vision, and a practical plan, to overcome the barriers that prevent us working in collaborative ways. I won’t describe the plan in detail here. Like many innovations FASST will be easier to share once the protoype is working. It is starting in a small way (which is another way of saying we are… Read more »

Creating ‘future fit’ organizations today by Giles Hutchins

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I’ve copied this link because it gives context to why I’m initiating the FASST experiment. I’ve copied the last few paragraphs for the summary and to remind myself of the writer’s viewpoint (the italics are mine).  For the full post see Creating ‘future fit’ organizations today by Giles Hutchins He concludes his article thus: This regenerative… Read more »

Fasstuck: a new oxymoronic word

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Hello Pamela, On our last Skype call you used the word “FASSTuck” to refer to an obstacle you had been facing with the FASST experiment. We then talked through the obstacle and realized it wasn’t an obstacle at all: that FASST has already launched, and is always and already moving, and to deal with an… Read more »

“Organising for Development” with FASST

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Hi Christopher. Following our meeting yesterday this is for reference and sharing: You and I are meeting at my place on Wednesday to continue our FASST planning. We’ll invite the other five London-based, potential FASST people in case any are free to join us. Together we’ll consider the points that Sally raised in her last… Read more »

FASST, Teal and journeys to the future

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This open letter is to FASST crew members and to Teal for Startups (T4S) people who wonder what I’m doing bringing FASST into T4S This is another bit of connecting the dots for you. This time the connections are between Teal organisations and FASST, emphasising the theme of FASST as a vehicle. We see FASST… Read more »

Our FASST time travel trip

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Hi Brian – or should I say “Welcome aboard FASST” for our time-travel trip together. Thank you for the opportunity to wordify some of the ideas about FASST during our Skype chat this evening. I’m writing you this follow-up, open letter to capture some of the points we covered: FASST is already very real and… Read more »

Why FASST? In order to experiment

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Hi Jon and Susan, Thank you for continuing to challenge my thinking. Between you, you sent me off in the directions of  “Dr Graves and Spiral Dynamics” and “Cargo-cult Science” (see Meet Dr. Graves and Spiral Dynamics ref Teal and T4S and  Cargo cult science – wikipedia – relevant FASST as an experiment). Reference Social… Read more »