Enlivening Edge – Temporary, Negotiated Hierarchies

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Temporary, Negotiated Hierarchies by Staff By Harold Jarche orginally published in Harold Jarche Hierarchies in Perpetual Beta A Post-Job Economy The job was the way we redistributed wealth, making capitalists pay for the means of production and in return creating a middle class that could pay for mass produced goods. That period is almost over,… Read more »

My Journey With Teal and Teal for Startups

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Meeting Teal: My journey with Teal began when Andy Paice wrote about Teal organisations on Enlivening Edge and someone sent the link to me. It looked interesting. The following week, to my surprise, during a couple of Face-to-Face (F2F) Meetups in London I came across Teal ideas again. I read “Reinventing Organisations” (the book introducing… Read more »

I’m re-registering for u.lab – starting September 8th 2016

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I’ve just rejoined U.Lab.Full details below copied from the u.lab newsletter. I did the course last year, but not in the depth I wanted to, so I’m repeating it. Afterwards some of us carried on “U.Labbing” together at Kings Cross Hub (see post by Andy Paice – A Collective Breakthrough! U.Lab Prototyping in London) Registration for… Read more »

Useful teaching resource on “To live differently we need to think differently”- Matthew Taylor RSAnimate

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“To live differently we need to think differently” Matthew Taylor (RSA’s Chief Executive) gives a great explanation of why current thinking is as it is, and how it needs to shift. This is a useful teaching resource for anyone who is already thinking differently (perhaps under the influence of a U.Lab MOOC or similar) and… Read more »

FASST – an experiment in learning and holacracy

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Hi Gavin and William. I’m writing to you together this time, because of the way you have both been helping me to explore ideas around my holacracy experiment. In this open letter I’ll try to bring the two conversations together. Naming the thing William and I have been referring to the experiment in terms of… Read more »