Rejoice with me – I’ve discovered Development Dreamers

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On the “about” page of Development Dreamers the founder John Brownlee writes What is your dream for development? What change would you like to see in this world? Alone we cannot easily make our dreams come true, but with the power of the web and collective action, we can in Tim Unwins idea of collectives… Read more »

Wealth – and Teal for Startups

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The observations and opinions offered here relate to three key ideas: The Internet is having some deeply disruptive influences on “how we usually do things” because individuals and organisations are having to adjust to life in an increasingly inter-connected world For many of us what we do as our “paid work” (i.e. in our “sold”… Read more »

#Dadamac and “The Death of International Development” by Jason Hickel

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Dadamac operates from a place outside the established International Development community, so the perspective I have tends to be disconnected from “normal” (large NGO) approaches. For this reason I welcome an article  on The Death of International Development  by Jason Hickel, who is an anthropologist at the London School of Economics. His emphasis is different… Read more »

My stomach virus

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Hi Pamela, I see your last open letter was about “the big picture in physics,” and yesterday the world’s scientists (I’m not sure how many of them are there) announced the existence of “gravity waves.” Rather than comment on either of these two topics, I’m going to talk about the most important thing that happened to… Read more »

Language and thought – this time “growth” and “development”

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Language and thought are closely connected, and we struggle to wordify what we are thinking in ways that others will understand.  Words with the meaning sucked out illustrated this problem with the example of “co-design”. This post, where Eric Michael Johnson interviews Fritjof Capra, illustrates the problem again, this time with “growth” and “development” (my… Read more »

Words with the meaning sucked out

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Thanks to Sean McDougall for this explanation of something I’ve often experienced, but couldn’t wordify. It happens repeatedly in innovative areas of my life  – i.e. the way that useful words get the meaning sucked out. His example is co-design: Co-design, it seemed to us, created opportunities for designers to push suppliers and consumers to… Read more »