Matt Haikin, opportunities and Dadamac

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Matt Haiken is looking for an opportunity to do grass-roots participatory work with technology… Can you help? More on his blog I’ve known Matt for some time so I’ve “got confidence in his history”. I’ll point him to what I’m writing here, to find out if he’s interested in opportunities with Dadamac. What Matt’s looking for… Read more »

Journal for 6 July 2015, first time at CIAD

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Monday – so I started the day at “The Start your Working Week Club” It’s good to get up on a Monday with the impetus of knowing that officially my working week is about to begin – and someone will notice if I turn up late. Plus there is the friendly welcome we always get… Read more »

The future has arrived for Skinningrove Jetty

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Congratulations to Steve Thompson and all connected with Skinningrove Jetty. The people I know in this saga are Steve and Barry (‘the flying mayor”.) Steve I met through PRADSA (Practical Design for Social Action). I met Barry when he was with Steve at an event organised by Franz Nahrada – who I hope to introduce… Read more »

Story of stuff changemaker types

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This is a gem regarding roles.. Nikki check this out. See how it matches roles in Dadamac Foundation and in the Dadamac Changemakers Club!  See who you recognise in the descriptions 😉