Tues May 19th GN21 Exploring Google Hangouts

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  Tuesday, May 19, 2015 3:00 PM Online Meeting Own Homes, Global (map) Join us in our first experiment at using a Google Hangout to discuss this platform and how we can use it for some of our events. We would like to use it to, a)  Provide an alternative webinar type platform where we… Read more »

Spring Clean 3 – Dadamac

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If I empty Dadamac things out of my head what do I find? My history in Africa and the history of Dadamac. The influential people and their stories. The questions and confusions and attempts to find out and make sense of them. The different organisational strategies. The relationships between it all. The digital tech. Academia… Read more »

Spring Clean 2 – ICT4D

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ICT4D = Information and Communication Technology for Development. I’m doing a Spring clean of some of the stuff in my head ref ICT4D. I’ll start with a list, just a random list with no attempt at order. It’s  just to empty my head a bit. I can come  back to it at some other point… Read more »

Spring Clean 1 – May 14th 2015

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Today I have done some genuine Spring cleaning of physical “stuff” that was cluttering up my living room. No. I exaggerate. In fact it was more of a gesture towards Spring cleaning, a kind of taster of how it would be to achieve some serious Spring cleaning. It was only a tidy-up of  two drawers… Read more »

Connections around story telling

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Story telling is an art that many of us are exploring in one way and another. We all know the power of good stories well told. Many of us are struggling to find effective ways to communicate messages that are both simple and complicated. We have new tools for communication. What can we learn from… Read more »

Silicon Triangle, Effective Altruism, and an ICT4D book launch

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All happening Tuesday May 5th. Silicon Triangle This is a South London (Crystal Palace) Meetup where “…we get together to hear about interesting science and technology projects…. This month Bryher Scudamore will join us to talk to us about her experience working at the BBC as editor in chief of the BBC’s digital branch and… Read more »

“Organising is what I do” – Lavinia

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On Monday last week I met Lavinia (www.behindthescenequeen.com). It was at Louis’ Meetup group for people working from home – newly moved from Friday noon to a more purposeful time.  We now meet at 9.30 on a Monday morning, which helps us make a clean break from the weekend and get started on the week… Read more »

Global Healthsites Mapping Project and Fantsuam Foundation

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The Global Healthsites Mapping Project is an initiative to create an online map of every health facility in the world. The framework has been built for capturing, publishing and sharing critical health facility related data and to help make these facilities more accessible and relevant to the communities they serve. In the future we plan… Read more »