Credible Research Methodologies event and the Communication Initiative

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I want to connect more with the Communication Initiative – see  DEVELOPMENT NETWORKS – The Communication Initiative’s Social Networking Space Sorry I missed their Credible Research Methodologies event in London on Monday 16th March. I like these questions from Credible Methodologies Event – Your Review Worth remembering for when I want feedback. What were the… Read more »

Friday 27th- co-learning circle titled: ‘Creating open / collaborative / deliberative / transformative spaces and situations’

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I don’t know if I can get to this but I’d like to. It connects with my “connected world” interests regarding how we are able to learn, and  regarding online communities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Via Michel Bauwens and P2P foundation From: Örsan Şenalp Date: Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 1:23 AM – a little-giant school, prelaunch… Read more »

Web We Want and #LandscapeOfChange

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Many of the ideas in Dadamac Connect are connected to finding our ways through the “Landscape of Change”. i.e discovering ways of living that are relevant and fit for purpose in the “connected world” where we increasingly live. I’m interested in the development of the Internet and its relationship to our rapidly changing world. I… Read more »

Science/Tech and the arts – Dark Mountain, Cube and deadline.

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I’m looking back over my week. There’s too much to write about everything, so I’ll simply share some new connections relating to science/technology and the arts. Connecting science/technology and the arts I think it’s important for all of us to have images, songs and stories for our time. Not everyone needs or wants an analysis… Read more »

@Louis – Possible Monday co-working/meetup

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@Louis. Ref your question of starting a “co-working meetup/offshoot (potentially weekly)”. I’ve mentioned it to @nicola (see why below) and she’ll be contacting you. Your question also connects with other co-working experiences  / locations / approaches that we know about and are happy to share with you. Louis’ question Louis wrote I’m thinking of starting… Read more »

Nicola – Ken Banks and the Reluctant Innovator

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@Nicola – The book I was telling you about is The Reluctant Innovator, by Ken Banks. You’ll see I remembered the title wrongly – but it was a close call.  The book was launched through Kickstarter and the blurb said: “This important, timely book gives the reader an invaluable insight into the workings of the… Read more »

Introducing Logo Berr

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Logo Berr is our accidental mascot and cheerleader. When I needed a photo of the Dadamac Connect button, I wanted someone to wear it and well …. the photo wasn’t going to be a selfie. I looked for a volunteer, and co-opted LogoBerr.  More at  Newbie at the Dadamac Connect website Logo Berr is a… Read more »

HubW, Holacracy, Culturevists and Dadamac.

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LogoBerr and I went to Hub Westminster on Friday for a cuppa with Quentin Johns. The note in my diary said “Sorting the world” – so we’d allowed ourselves a wide ranging agenda, with the objective of clarifying areas of overlap. We’re both interested in deep systemic change, from big vision to practicalities. Unsurprisingly Holacracy… Read more »