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Diary Date 16-18 September Twenty Twenty-Seven – first announcement

You are invited to an event in twenty twenty-seven starting on Thursday 16th September and ending with a celebratory party on Saturday 18th September. Please, set the dates aside. The event is called Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven. Please think ahead to what you hope to be celebrating then, and some of the positive changes you… Read more »

The Exponential Leap (26 May 2017 viewpoint)

“The Exponential Leap 2017-2027” (also known as “The Leap”) will be a multi-media publication-and-immersive experience. It will be launched at an event called Exponentially Human to be held in 2027. “The Leap” will be developed in such an open and collaborative way that it will have been accessible long before the official launch. But there… Read more »

My answers ref: Before I Die

These are questions Olivia asked me at a Before I Die Network meeting. We didn’t record it. The answers might have gone this way (based on the time allocations she had in mind for the questions). Olivia What are you passionate about working towards at the moment? Pamela I’m working with David Bovill on something… Read more »

Be encouraged – the good stuff is starting to come together.

So much is going on. How it all connects will become obvious later. It is all “good stuff” – and I can’t justify that statement either – but I know all the people involved, and I know how what they do impacts on my life – and, in my judgement, it’s all good. Things I’m… Read more »

Ben De Vries and huntergatherersfoodforests.com

News from my friend Ben de Vries – Certified Permaculture Designer. If you live in USA please read on. Even if you don’t live in the USA please share this info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is our first year in operation. Using a method I developed for maximum seedling health and rhisosphere inoculation, we have in ground… Read more »

Submarine – the ultimate challenge for flat organisational structures

An enjoyable brief introduction to the ideas of flat organisational structures (explored elsewhere on this site and tagged “holacracy” and “teal”). It’s both light-hearted and serious – if you can do this on a submarine – you can do it anywhere. This animation is relevant to FASST – Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation…. Read more »