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A miscellany of information about people, organisations and ideas that are interconnected – but not in an immediately obvious way –¬†and are all part of my journey through the Landscape of Change (contact me here)

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“The Exponential Leap”and #XH2027

The Exponential Leap (also known simply as “The Leap”) is due to be launched on September 18th 2027 as part of the Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven¬†celebrations. What is “The Leap” for? The Leap is a new kind of map that will help people find their way in an unfamiliar world. It doesn’t take much imagination… Read more »

Interest areas present and future #dadamac #XH2027 #LandscapeOfChange

You asked me for “a few simple clues from you about your interest areas” and “links where I can read more about your thinking and work” – so here goes: Some links to choose from: When I started to find some links for you I had no idea what I’d put, so I decided to… Read more »

Who am I?

This biography was written to accompany a chapter I’m contributing to a book called 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years – (for more about the book see call for chapters – sent out late 2016) Pamela McLean has been exploring the relationship between people and digital technologies since the 1970s. Her interest was… Read more »

Starting the next ten years of my life #XH2027

The countdown to Exponentially Human 2027 has begun. It is now less that ten years until 16-18 September 2027. That date is likely to arrive more quickly than I expect, but for now, here at the start of the ten year countdown, I’m giving myself permission to relax for a bit, do things slowly, and… Read more »

#XH2027 A dance between fact and fiction

XH2027 reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s saying that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” (wikipedia) Fiction becoming fact Exponentially¬† Human Twenty Twenty-Seven (XH 2027) began as a piece of fiction and is becoming more real by the day. The fiction began last year when I saw a call for contributions to a… Read more »

Your photos for the #XH2027 time capsule

Hi Pip. Ref your message “What is the Facebook page or web address for the time capsule project?” Word of mouth It’s mostly word of mouth at present, so no website yet. The digital time capsule is the first step to a bigger vision. These are the main things you need to know so you… Read more »